COCCOLE SA, a distribution partner of MALERBA since 2014, offers a handmade product for the high fashion segment, exclusively manufactured in the Italian laboratory of Malerba, dedicated to the production of TAILOR-MADE underwear and lingerie.

From today, the TAILOR-MADE underwear is available to the most demanding and sophisticated women, gathered for the occasion in an exclusive Club.

2018 IS BORN “THE COCCOLE [CUDDLES] CLUB” Tailor-Made DEDICATED to all women who want the highest quality possible

and who are not satisfied with just a pleasant design but also want the best fabrics, lace, accessories and the unattainable wearability that comes from the product built around their body.

Give the woman elegance and comfort at any time of the day with a product made exclusively for HER on the basis of a prototype and paper model obtained directly from HER measurements and HER shape.

The item is shaped around HER; it is done directly for HER and is therefore perfectly compatible with Her privacy.

A unique product that can not be found in traditional stores

Le Coccole

The cuddle starts from the first appointment where our model maker takes the measurements and compiles the meticulous technical card necessary to build the personalised paper pattern.

A casa tua

After about 2 weeks, the customer will receive Her purchase (1 bra and 2 briefs or a corset or a piece of lingerie) directly at Her home.


At this point, the customer becomes a member of the “COCCOLE CLUB”, an exclusive community of women only, which grows by co-optation and has the privilege of receiving the offers that Coccole reserves for Her 4 times a year.

The members will have the chance to become themselves Testimonials of the CLUB.

They will then be able to present new Members with the right to a 10% discount for each new successful presentation

Once 10 new members have been introduced, the product supply will be… FREE