Malerba turns 90!

90 years of Fashion innovation

90 years of Fashion success

Malerba is the oldest and most famous fashion house in the Italian market of hosiery, underwear and nightwear.

It enjoys a high reputation in the domestic market and great prestige in foreign markets.

Malerba is synonymous with industrial tradition of being able to do things well, in a serious, reliable and durable way.


Founded in 1926, Malerba establishes itself on the market in the late 30's with the innovative nylon stocking with an unmistakable black line, making it "as strong as steel and as delicate as a spider's web." As a silk substitute, the new Malerba product becomes a product affordable by all women.


In the late 50’s Malerba launches the first nylon stockings that are no longer timidly interpreted in neutral colors, but also in more bold colors. It’ll be in the following years, however, with the launch of the miniskirt in England that the Malerba tights, interpreting the youth fashion, becomes an essential complement.


It is again a decade of technological innovation and proactiveness for Malerba.
Introducing "Contenella" a line of technological tights dedicated to the enhancement of the silhouette and well-being of the legs, enhancing charm and elegance.


Continuing its dedicated research, this time targeted to children with "Without Shoes" and "Safe Steps", colored and fun non-slip socks that allow toddlers and young children to take their first steps safely, and for men with the "Gymnos"socks , technical socks for skiing enthusiasts.


The constant passion for research, the intrinsic quality of the product, the creative ability to interpret fashion with style and elegance made Malerba a unique reality in the market.
This enabled it to forge productive strategic alliances with the best Italian partners and distribution wise with the best international partnerships in order to spread its brand world wide, by extending its product range.
Today Malerba is very high-end hosiery, corsetry, lingerie, homewear and beachwear.
Today, as then, the Malerba brand is synonymous with tradition and Italian craftsmanship, quality and reliability, authenticity, elegance and style.